Summer HVAC Tips: Keeping Your Home Cool and Comfortable

Summer HVAC Tips

We’ve officially made it to the hottest time of year, and it’s not cooling down anytime soon. Here are a few of our tips to keep your HVAC unit running smoothly and your home cool and comfortable this summer.

  1. Perform Maintenance

First, perform necessary maintenance on your HVAC unit. This includes changing out your air filters, cleaning your vents and ducts, inspecting your outdoor unit for debris, and calling in the experts for further maintenance needs. For a full list of general maintenance, check out our blog about Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Summer.

  1. Use Energy Efficient Accessories

Invest in blackout curtains or blinds to use when the sun is directly on your home. Keep them closed in the rooms you’re not using during the day—this is a great trick to have cool bedrooms at night when you’re ready for bed. By limiting the amount of sunlight in your home during the summer, your HVAC unit will use less energy, decreasing the amount of stress it’s under and improving its longevity and performance.

For a more permanent, long-term fix, plant trees in your front and back yards to help cut down on the sunlight that hits your home every day.

  1. Aid Air Flow Throughout Your Home

Fans are a great compliment to your HVAC unit. Using tower or standing fans in interior doorways can help move cool air throughout your home. Additionally, make sure to check your ceiling fan’s direction. During the summer, it should be spinning counterclockwise to push cool air down into the room. Almost all fans have a small switch on the side of their base that changes their direction.

  1. Avoid Using Large Heat Sources in Your Home

During the summer, opt for using an outdoor grill to cook rather than heating up your home with the oven or stovetop. Choosing more cold meals or utilizing the microwave are other good alternatives.

The HVAC experts at Wichita Heating and Air are ready to answer your questions, assess an issue, and have you on your way to enjoying a cool summer season! Give us a call or visit to contact us.