Why is One Room in My House Hotter than the Others?

Sun Shining in Living Room

Now that summer weather is in full effect, you may notice that one room in your house is distinctly warmer than the others. This isn’t an uncommon issue, but while some causes for this are simple fixes, others may require professional help.

Here are a few of the likely culprits:

  1. Sunlight Exposure

This is one of the most common issues that causes warm rooms, but it’s easily overlooked. Sunlight in a room, especially when direct, can cause a dramatic increase in the room’s temperature. During the hottest months of the year, this can also make your HVAC unit work overtime.

During the time(s) of the day when your room gets the most direct sunlight, close your blinds and/or curtains to help control the temperature. For the best results, invest in blackout curtains for the room that has temperature issues.

  1. Closed or Obstructed Vents

Another simple fix! Check to make sure your vents in the room are open and unobstructed. Start by holding your hand over the vent when your AC is running—if you can feel airflow, your vents are at least partially open. If not, find the lever on either side of your vent, and switch it open.

Make sure the furniture in your room is not covering the vents. You may have to get creative in smaller rooms, but covered vents cannot function properly.

  1. Dirty Air Filter

The cause of a hot room may be a dirty air filter. Good news—changing out your air filters is an easy way to improve airflow and air quality in your home.

Remove the vent cover, and inspect your air filter. If it is noticeably dirty or it hasn’t been changed in more than 3 months, replace it with a new one.

  1. Poor Insulation

This is where the issues start to get a little more difficult to repair on your own. If you have checked off 1–3, something bigger may be to blame.

There is a chance that the insulation surrounding the room is not up to par. This can cause warm air to seep into your home. Contact a professional to come inspect your home’s insulation.

  1. Windows That Need Replacing

Speaking of insulation, if your windows are old or damaged, they will let hot air in and cool air out during the summer. If this is the case, a window replacement will dramatically help the issue offering a more comfortable environment and lower energy bills.

  1. Damaged Ductwork

If the ductwork leading to the room in question is damaged or leaking, your room may not be getting the cool air that it should. If you suspect this issue, have a professional check it out.

  1. Your HVAC System is Too Small or In Need of Replacement

There is a chance that your HVAC unit is too small, old, or not functioning well enough to cool your whole house properly. If you have ruled out all of the other possibilities, it may be time to have your HVAC unit replaced.

Don’t ignore a room that is noticeably hotter than the rest of your house. It could be an easy fix that saves you discomfort and energy costs or could signal a larger issue that should be addressed. If you have any HVAC concerns or questions, contact the experts at Wichita Heating and Air!