Central Air Systems: Benefits & How They Work

Central Air Systems, How they Work and Benefits Wichita Heating and Air Blog

If you are considering a new AC installation, consider putting in a central air system. Central air systems offer comprehensive cooling for your home and come in a few varieties that can fit your preferences. This article will explore the basics of central air systems and the benefits that they offer.

Central Air System Basics

Central air systems utilize a central AC unit, fans, and ducts to cool your entire home. There are split and packaged systems, but the fundamentals of each operating system are the same:

  • The homeowner sets the thermostat to their desired temperature. When the indoor temperature goes above this point, the system turns on.
  • A unit pulls warm air from your home to return air ducts. Filters in the ducts remove allergens such as dust.
  • The warm air passed is cooled within the machine using evaporator coils, compressors, and refrigerants.
  • The blower fan sends the cool air through the ducts to the living spaces.
  • The warm air is expelled from the home to the outdoors.

The rough outline described above does not capture all details of the process, but the general idea is that warm air is removed and cool air is introduced. Let’s delve into the benefits of a central air system over multiple standalone units.

They Cool Multiple Rooms

The first benefit of a central air system is that you won’t have any rooms left without air conditioning. Standalone units can do an outstanding job of cooling one room and sometimes even two. They are not capable of cooling an entire house, though. Additionally, if you don’t put a standalone unit in every room, you will have some parts of the house left with warm, humid, and low-quality air. Central air systems will cool and filter the air in all the rooms of your home.

They Require Less Maintenance and Offer More Efficiency

Having fewer AC units means less maintenance to worry about. Central air systems are much more robust than standalone units. You won’t need to change out the filter as often or worry about your system working too hard. Additionally, central air conditioners have a working lifespan of 15 to 20 years, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Think of standalone units as mules and central air as a Clydesdale horse. Sure, mules can be reliable companions who work hard, but it’s going to be a lot easier to take care of one Clydesdale. Also, a Clydesdale will be able to get the work done more efficiently. One central air unit means fewer moving parts and greater power for your home’s cooling needs.

Improved Air Quality

As mentioned above, central air units pull in and filter the air from every room in the home. That means all the humidity and allergens around the house are being sucked into the central air filters. You can even get dehumidifiers, special UV lights, and other accessories installed in the ducts to bring your air filtration to another level. The options are expansive.

More Space

The main components of the central air system are installed in the walls, floors, basement, or outdoors of the home. Standalone units need to be mounted on walls or in windows and secured properly to avoid crashing to the ground. Free up some space and eliminate concerns with a central air system. In place of a standalone unit, you can put up shades, curtains, top dressing, wall art, shelves, cupboards, and more.

Higher Resale Value

If central air systems sound more and more attractive to you, then you’re not alone. Homebuyers across the country covet modern central air conditioning installations. If you’re not in your “forever home,” then installing a central air conditioner can still offer you the benefit of increasing your home’s resale value. Your house is more likely to be sold at or above the price you desire in a quicker amount of time with central air cooling.

There are plenty of central air benefits to discuss, but you don’t realize how great it is until you’re in a home with a quality central AC installation. Once you step into your cool home, no words are needed. All that you’ll hear is a sigh of relief. If you are looking for the reputable AC installation Wichita, KS residents can count on, then turn to Wichita Heating and Air. Call today for more information.